Visible effects with iLightiLight system the best way to beauty 

Why iLight?

Facial & Body Treatments with iLight systemIt's incredibile! The new iLight is able to revitalize the skin and toning up the muscles simply using the light! The treatments respect the body and the results are very good. The iLight method is exclusive, safe and natural for both facial and body beauty.

Facial & Body Treatments

Toning Up your body and delete time signs with iLightThe iLight method treats facial and body effectivily. The effects are visible during the first session and the benefits last for a long time.The non-thermic emission of iLight helps the tissues to eliminate the toxines. The body waste the excess fluids rapidly.





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Photo Bio Stimulation

iLight: therapeutic aesthetic method. Try it!
Is it possible use the light to feel better? Which is the best light to treat our skin? Is it better the light quantity or quality? How to use the light on the body? The iLight system is the answer!